Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your actual birthday...your's and daddy's

So I'm trying to catch up on posts so I can start the New Year and maybe be a little bit better about writing as things happen. Although you had a little party earlier in the month, I tried to make your actual birthday (this year, the day after Thanksgiving) a little special too.

You and daddy got breakfast in bed...well, you helped my assemble it, then we brought it up to daddy, then you got to sit in our bed with daddy and eat pumpkin pancakes (a current favorite right now) and bacon. I think you got a kick out of it. You always get a kick out of hanging out in our bed and to be able to eat breakfast in our bed...well, I bet that just blew you away.

A relaxing morning, then an afternoon trip to our park after your nap. It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. As always, you loved going down the slides...the "BIIIG" one and the "TI" (tiny) one. Then we headed to the arboretum for a little walk.

We topped the evening off with a homemade chocolate cake. Again, you LOVED blowing the candles. I have a feeling that you wish every cake had candles. Fair enough. A few presents..a cute outfit from Michelle, some horse pajamas from Auntie Lauren and some train cars from Grandpa and Susan.

Happy two beautiful!

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