Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your first poo...

Yes, this is worthy of a post. Your daddy and I went on a trip to Chicago to celebrate his 40th birthday and Grandma and Gramps watched you. You had a great time. They claim you never cried and wined. I believe it - you are such a good-natured, adaptable kid.

Anyway, it's simple. They said you told them you had to "poo", so they sat you on the pot and you did the deed. You were proud, they were proud and pictures were taken. You haven't done it since (it was about three weeks ago). But I do think you are ready to take the potty training plunge soon. It's more of a matter of when I'm ready :-). We need to have a couple days of downtime to make it happen. And, will learn that your ma is not big on downtime. :-)

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