Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday festivities...

This was a fun and interesting holiday year. You loved the trees. We had a small one at the top of the stairs, a big one downstairs and a small white one in the sunroom. As soon as you would get up, you would ask me to piug in the small one at the top of the stairs. Then you would head downstairs and ask me to plug in the big one. You loved pointed and touching all the ornaments. Although we had a couple of ornament fatalities, your touch was usually quite delicate. I also got a little house with 25 little doors. It was right up your ally this year, as you are really into houses right now...with "doors" and a "roof" and "win" (windows). In fact, as a side note, you are actually trying to draw them right now. You also love the train around the big tree. You love trains so much right now...choo choo, choo choo.

We had a fun time at Greenfield Village Holiday Nights with Denise, Tom. Andrea and Jackson. There was a Santa there that yelled out "Merry Christmas, Emmeline!" and you road the carousel - a rooster. It was fun and I think it may become a tradition.

We also had our family get together at our house, which you loved. You love people - having them over or going to their houses. The highlight of this party is that Santa showed up, at our house. When we asked you if you wanted to sit on his lap, you simply said "no ways" (one of your favorite sayings these days). Same at the mall - our Santa picture this year is of the three of us, me holding you near Santa. You got some fun presents, including your first "puter" (computer) from Aunt Barb. You love it because you can type and send emails like ma.

Santa came to our house on December 18th this year because daddy was scheduled to be on reserve on the 25th. You sat out cookies and milk and we explained to you that Santa would come down our chimney. We I put you to bed the night before. You told me that Santa says "ho, ho, ho" and brings "pres" (presents). The next morning you came down the stairs to find that Santa did indeed visit and brought "pres", including a doll crib, some books, a puzzle, a doll and some Sesame Street decals for your wall. You truly enjoyed opening and playing all morning long. And Santa also brought a stocking filled with various things, including chocolate. You love chocolate. Just like your ma...well, actually just like most people. :-)

And then Christmas day came. And you barfed in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. Then ma was sick and in bed all day Christmas Day. Grandma and Gramps came over on Christmas Day to help take care of you while ma was in bed. Then daddy was sick and in bed a few days later. It was okay, though. At least we were all together in our house. And Santa had already come a few days earlier anyway, so it all worked out for the best.

You were fun and enjoyed all things holidays...and because of it, I found myself enjoying them as well.

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