Thursday, January 19, 2012

January randomness...

Who is Emmeline this January?

-You love the alphabet and recognize most letters. Your favorites are H, I, O, M and F. I have no idea why these are your favorites. I'll sing you the ABC's and whenever I stop or pause, you fill in the next letter. It's fun. Maybe our first game?

-You say "I tried" a lot. You didn't enjoy sledding. When we came in, you took off your gear and said "I tried". When you can't poop, you say "I tried". It's like you know that trying is the important part of it all.

-You love to play "chase". Just randomly running around the house, either me chasing you or you chasing me. You can do this for a very long time - very long.

-You like to keep things orderly. At music class, you put away the other kids toys. Umm...good, but yikes. Maybe your ma should be a little messier.

-Speaking of music class, you have a small obsession with it. Particularly with holding hands with this one little girl (she's about 5). Her name is Sophie. You call her "Soph". Unfortunately, Sophie is not that into holding hands with you. But Olivia is. You seem fine with that. You just want to hold someone's hand. Yesterday, you insisted on putting on your coat 45 minutes before we were due to leave for class. You literally couldn't wait.

That's some of the stuff - you're a hoot.

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