Sunday, November 13, 2011

Little party for you...

Hey Little Miss. So yesterday we had a little early birthday celebration for you. Great fun! I didn't realize that you would get the concept of a party, but it is clear you did. For days before, when I would ask how old you were going to be, you would say "Twooooo!" in your usual enthusiastic voice. And then we would proceed to have a conversation about the "Par" (party), "take" (cake), as well as all the people who would be at your party - Auntie Lauren, Sam, Aaron, Ben, Matt, Susan, Grandpa, Grandma, Gramps, Debra and ma and da. You were really big into "all" in everybody. You like having everybody around you - such a social creature you are.

Ma made you a Sesame Street cake - you are big time into Sesame right now. It was strawberry cake with yellow cream cheese frosting. You loved blowing out the candles - LOVED it. And boy, you made out with the presents including a "cell phone" from Grandma and Gramps that you immediately took over to your car, climbed in, then started talking on it. Yikes! Ma needs to talk less on her phone while driving. See, you're ma's little mimic. You also got an Abby Cadabby doll from Auntie Lauren, some great puzzles from Debra, a very cool pilot jacket and teddy bear from Grandpa and Susan, and ma and da got you a train table.

Great party - I can only imagine they get better and better. You know, people always say "it goes so fast", in terms of raising kids. I haven't felt it yet. Maybe someday I will. But as of now, I feel like I've spent a life time with you. These past two years have felt like twenty a very good way. I feel like I have savored every moment. And your party yesterday was no exception.

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