Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your first neighborhood birthday party...

It was for Annabel, your 5-year old friend that you know from the park who lives down the street. Man, it was fun. Your daddy was so excited for you to go...I think he feels that you are "popular" if you are a two-year old getting invited to a 5-year old's party. :-) He's kind of right...the kids kind of flock around you.

You were by far the youngest, but that didn't matter. You just got right into the action. When they started running circles around the house, you did the same and joined their congo line. When they are bolted up to Annabel's room, you jumped off of daddy's lap and said "and me!" and took off with the rest of them. You waited somewhat patiently for your favorite party - the candle blowing. And you would have at an entire piece of flourless chocolate cake and a big scoop of chocolate ice cream if I hadn't scammed some off of your plate. Initially, you didn't quite get that the presents weren't for you, but you learned pretty quickly. Then, when all the planned party activities were done, you went upstairs with all the big kids and played in Annabel's room. You know how small dogs often don't have any self-awareness of their size when they are with big dogs? Well, I think it was like that. You thought you were a 5-year old today.

You loved everything about it. Really, I think you love parties because you love people.

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