Friday, November 2, 2012

11 month summary

Last post - january, 2012. Really? Really??? Well, life has been busy, but you'd think I could have had time for a post or two rather than the pressure of summarizing 11 months in this one post. Sheesh.

The quick (in an organized bullet list):

-Had a fantastic trip to visit Alex's extended family in the middle-of-nowhere Texas end of February, beginning of January. They live on a huge farm in a location where you can't see any other houses from there house. We enjoyed amazing food, art and company and had the pleasure of meeting many salt-of-the-earth people and making new family connections. Ended the trip with a little jaunt to San Antonio, where I fell in love with cowgirl boots and purchased my first pair.

-Got hired in a tenure-track assistant professorship position in the spring (to start September 2012). Stressful process, but exciting.

-Summer was nice. It felt like summer. Lots of time at the pool and park. I feel like we all sufficiently soaked up enough vitamin D to make it through the winter months.

-We took a big road trip this summer. Went up north and hung out a couple of days with Lauren and family (super fun!). Drove across northern Canada (beautiful and desolate). Stopped by Almanzo's (Laura's DH...Emmeline is into the Little House books) childhood home in New York. Spent sometime with friends in Vermont and then finished up the trip in New Hampshire. I got to see a Shaker Village which I very much enjoyed. Drove 16 hours home. Fun and stressful trip - most likely, a typical family road trip vacation.

-September came quickly. Emmeline started preschool and is thriving. It was an effortless transition that I am grateful for. I started my assistant professorship position and then...

-About two weeks into starting my new job, we found out that I am pregnant. Yikes! We had really settled into the idea of being a one child family...she's thriving, two good careers...I had even planned a couple week trip to Italy next summer. And then there was that + sign on the pregnancy test - the plus sign that I had tried four long years to achieve and only did so with the assistance of IVF.

-Oh, and did I mentioned that at an ultrasound at 10.5 weeks they discovered it is twins. Two babies. TWO BABIES!

So here we are. I'm going to try to keep this blog more updated as an overall family blog, but I am also going to start a separate twin blog. I documented my entire pregnancy (even pre-pregnancy) with Emmeline and I am so grateful I did so. I want to give the twins the same...because it may be the only thing I'll be able to do "the same".

And now we have three chickens instead of four. Bad raccoon!

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