Friday, October 28, 2011

I knew it! Stashed eggs...

So we got our first two eggs at the beginning of this week...found them in the coop. We know that the time between eggs is usually about 25 hours. So after those first two eggs, we had no eggs for 3 days. We suspected something was up. Then yesterday, when I went to clean the coop, I discovered 6 eggs next to our wagon, behind the coop. Apparently, I freaked the chickens out when I took their eggs that first day so they started a "secret" nest. As a mother, can't say I blame them. We ate those first two, BTW. Yum!

Little Miss, tonight I took you to the mall for trick-or-treating. You actually really enjoy the mall - in fact, now, as we get on the highway, you say a very clear "mall". Part of the reason you like it is that there is this little merry-go-round that costs $1 and I usually bring $2 and treat you. Of course, we did that tonight and you loved it. But the trick-or-treating part? Not so much. You really didn't understand that it was ok to take the candy from those handing it out. Honestly, I didn't like it so much either. Sooo crowded. You'll learn - your ma is not the biggest fan of crowds. So we may skip it next worries, you won't be missing much.

Tomorrow, your da comes home and we are carving the pumpkin and going to a Halloween party. You already painted a small pumpkin at your art table yesterday - it's all blue and very pretty, I must say. For almost two, you are quite the artist, Little Miss.

That's another thing you started today...when I ask you how old you are going to be, you say "Twoooo". You are currently obsessed with that number. So much so that I've considered ditching the Sesame Street theme and having "Twooo" be the theme to your party. How easy would that be? :-). Nah, I'll still probably do Sesame.

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