Monday, October 31, 2011

Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch of the West...and Toto!

Oh baby - you just L-O-V-E-D Halloween! So much more so than I ever thought you would this year. Here's the rundown: Saturday, I took you to the mall trick-or-treating. Big mistake. It was so crowded and you will learn over the years that your ma just doesn't do crowds well. You didn't quite get the candy-in-the-basket concept yet (although by Monday, you were completely a pro). So we mainly went on the merry-go-round. It was a short trip.

On Sunday, we all went to the Liberty Athletic Club for a Halloween party. Although you seemed to enjoy yourself and looking at all the kids, we think you were just a little young for most of the stuff. But all was not lost - we won first prize for our Wizard of Oz themed costumes. You were the cutest Dorothy there ever was and ever will be...complete with ruby red sparkly shoes.

And then today, actual Halloween, we went trick-or-treating on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor with Auntie Lauren and cuzes Aaron and baby Ben. I think Aaron showed you the way with the trick-or-treating because by the second store, you were a pro. And you had a clear preference for anyone handing out KitKats...those are one of ma's favs too. Then Matt joined us for lunch and after lunch you had the experience of eating your first candy bar...a Kit Kat :-). I think you thoroughly enjoyed it. And ma thoroughly enjoyed watching you.

So that was our craziness. We even got some candy from Gari, your music teacher...also a KitKat. I think she would say that you enjoyed Halloween with "great gusto" - as you do with most things in life.

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