Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eggs, please, for this stage ma

So I've chatted a lot about Little Miss, but what about the Four Hens part? They are about 5 months and 2 weeks old and still no eggs. Although most chicken literature says they will start producing between 5-6 months, I'm worried they will never produce eggs. In fact, I can't envision actually finding an egg they produce. Or if I do find one, I can only picture it being all messed up in some way. I often wonder how this lack of faith in their systems working correctly relates to my own infertility trauma. I imagine there is some connection. And so it goes...projecting our own experiences and expectations (or lack there of) onto others - including chickens.

On another note, I take you, Little Miss, to music class on Wednesday mornings. Today, a local journal, affiliated with the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore, came for a photo shoot of the class. Side note - Ann Arbor is a bit of a hippie place and this is a bit of a hippie journal...and, well, because your ma has chickens, she may be considered a hippie as well by some. You will probably either love or despise parts of Ann Arbor living. I just hope that in some way parts of it have a positive impact on your growth. So this photographer was there and I'll admit it - while the idea was that we were suppose to just interact how we normally do in the class, I was very conscious of this camera person and did my best to "help" her get some pretty cute shots of you. Yes, it's true, I hope you are the feature picture because, let's be honest - it's hard to match your cuteness.

While eating your snack of teddy grahams and juice at the long kids table (your favorite part of the whole experience, I may add), Gari, your teacher, came up to me and commented about how you seem to approach every new experience with great "gusto". I love that. It is probably the best description of you at this age that I've ever heard. I do truly admire your gusto.

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