Sunday, October 23, 2011

An egg! And other adventures...

Yes! Finally! Maybe my hens are fertile after all. Or at least they can produce eggs. DH found one when he was closing up the coop tonight. He brought it in while I was giving Little Miss a bath and brushing my teeth. I spit my toothbrush write into the sink and said "Get the f&#k out!" (Sorry Little Miss). It was every bit as exciting as I expected it to be.

Other adventures these days...your da and I took our first little trip by ourselves. To Cleveland. Who knows what Cleveland will be like when you eventually read this someday. We went there because we lived there back in 1998. It was a great trip and although I of course missed you, I also know that a little time away every now and again will help me be a better mother. We brought you back an airplane bath toy from the International Women's Air and Space Museum. Grandma and Gramps watched you and from what they say, you were an angel and had a wonderful time. They said you talked a lot and that it appears that you know that our last name is "Wall". Impressive.

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