Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby cheeks

So, we have had an enjoyable few days...soaking up sunshine and fall weather in preparation for the long winter. Yes, baby, in Michigan the winters are long and gray. No worries, though. We'll still play a lot in the snow...just bought you boots yesterday and will probably pick up your snowsuit today. I want to be prepared for that first snow fall - I think you'll be very excited by it this year.

So one interesting thing - As we've been playing at parks, running errands and swimming/playing at " the Club"(your daddy and I recently joined an athletic club in Ann Arbor. We've decided to refer to it as "the Club" in an attempt to feel richer than we really are)this past weekend, three people have said the following "Look at those cheeks!". And then two others said "So, is she about 14 months?". I think it is because you have such baby hair still. I haven't gotten it cut yet because I don't want to loose that cute little curl on the back of your neck. So if you want to know what others think of your looks right now, I'll sum it up in two cheeks. And I L-O-V-E them.

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