Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mommy time...

It's so interesting to me that having Little Miss changes the motivation behind everything I do. Healthy or not, I find that she is the motivation of most everything I do. I'm trying real hard to take care of myself and my needs because I want her to grow up knowing that it's okay to take care of yourself - that everyone benefits when you take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is not selfish, Little Miss.

So in the spirit of this, I am at a hotel tonight - the Holiday Inn Express near the mall. I checked in, checked out my upgraded room (thanks, hubby) and promptly went shopping. I bought odds and ends. Honestly, most of my purchases were for Little Miss; some socks for the fall and some Thomas the Train sheets for her big girl bed. I miss her. I’ve checked in at home about three times. Hubby said she cried for me during dinner. But this is a step – a step in learning how to take care of myself and give myself a break so that I can come home not only feeling refreshed as a mother and wife, but also as an individual with an individual identity...oh, and also as a chicken farmer.

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