Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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I use to blog about our infertility issues. Blogging provided an unexpected and much needed support system. Now that our Little Miss is here, we are just enjoying life and our time with her. But I miss blogging. In addition to creating such a support system, blogging was also my creative outlet. Little Miss is 17 months, my crazy semester at the university ended today and I am ready to get those creative juices flowing again...to dive into something new...to keep life interesting...to do something quite different from the aviation industry.

What is more different from the aviation industry than raising chickens in the city? The chicks are ordered - Two Wyandottes, one Ameracauna and one Road Island Red. We willingly got permission from the neighbors. They seem excited - not just about the fresh eggs, but also about just having chickens around. One of them is convinced they will become the "neighborhood chickens". I think he's right. I hope he's right. I hope locals will appreciate a little bit of farm in the city...or grow to appreciate it. I know the risk...becoming known as the hippie "chicken lady". ;-)

It's a risk I'm willingly to take. I am grateful to be able to expose Little Miss to such a great town and now, with the passing of this law, I can also expose her to a little bit of country. I want her to see something grow - whether she'll remember it or not. I want her to see where food comes from. I want her to enjoy a fresh egg.

We also got the permit today. The coop has been picked out. Chicks are due to arrive May 4th. Oh - no worries. There will be pictures...lots and lots of pictures.

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